Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Our foreign patients have benefited from cosmetic dentistry in Turkey with our expert dentists and high quality services since 2003. When you travel to our dental clinic in Turkey for your cosmetic dentistry treatment, you will;

  • receive treatment from the best qualified specialists
  • be treated in a modern and hygienic clinic
  • be provided best dental solutions in Turkey
  • be offered affordable prices
  • get full assistance in every step you take
  • be helped in your booking, hotel and travel
  • gain fabulous memories of Istanbul, Turkey.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

People, who suffer from diseased or missing teeth, often feel uncomfortable, shut themselves away and dread social contacts. Do not let this happen! The target of cosmetic dentistry is to treat aesthetically problematic teeth with minimal, but yet effective methods. An evenly oral structure, clean and full teeth are only some of the targets which we pursue with our cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul. You will leave our dental clinic with a radiant smile and can look forward to a completely new sense of life!

We create an individual treatment plan in Istanbul, which is based on the professional comprehension of the dentist and on your personal ideas. In many cases, we can already help you with simple treatments of cosmetic dentistry and without intense reports.

Who Can Benefit from Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul? 

The oral anatomy of every person is different – therefore, face, facial expressions and smile can differ. Patients, who are interested in cosmetic dentistry, shall not forget that we have to develop an appropriate individual design for each face.

In Istanbul we treat patients:

  • Who have problems with their teeth while smiling
  • Who exhibit an abnormal oral structure and anatomy of smiling
  • Whose teeth show stains, yellowings or changes of colour
  • Whose teeth are crooked, dense or gappy
  • Whose teeth are fractured, chipped or cracked
  • Who have old, unaesthetic fillings

Smile Design - Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul 

smile-designWith the help of the smile design we create a dental design in Istanbul, which fits your dental and facial anatomy perfectly.

Criteria of the smile design:

  • Horizontal alignment of pupils and teeth
  • Symmetry of the front teeth
  • Alignment of the smile line
  • Gumline, which is shown while smiling
  • Width of the smile
  • Natural triangular gap between the tops of the teeth
  • Correct proportions of the teeth

Beside these criteria, the smile analysis also considers the patient's age, expectations and state of health. Together with your dentist in Istanbul, we will determine your definite treatment plan.

Teeth Whitening - Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul 

Teeth whitening is a helpful treatment to remove discolorations of the teeth. This form of cosmetic dentistry can be applied to all healthy teeth without damaging the teeth or gingiva. There are two different methods of teeth whitening: the plasma-light technology, which is used by a dentist at the clinic, or the bleaching-method, which can be performed by the patient himself at home.

Teeth Whitening with the Plasma - Light Technology 

At first, we spread hydrogene peroxide on the teeth at our clinic in Istanbul. With the help of intense light beams the gel is activated and the teeth are whitened. You will get an immediate result of the teeth whitening.

Bleaching at Home

Before you can perform the bleaching at home, your dentist measures your mouth and produces thin rubber moulds. You spread the prescribed medicine onto the moulds and wear them preferably at night for about 6 to 8 hours. You can see the results after about 1 to 4 weeks.

Teeth Whitening with the BEYOND System 

At our dental clinic in Istanbul we use the BEYOND teeth whitening system, which is meant for highest patient safety and is very easy to carry out. This technology is the most progressive filter system among the whitening systems.

The system filters ultra-violet rays, whereby the existing composite fillings are not damaged and the treatment can be performed in a gingival friendly way. It prevents gingival darkenings, which can occur with other teeth whitening systems. The BEYOND system is also about 30 % faster than comparable systems.

Aesthetical Porcelain Fillings - Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul

In case of tooth decay, we increasingly use aesthetical porcelain fillings instead of metal or composite fillings in Istanbul. Due to aesthetic and stability porcelain fillings are especially preferred in case of extreme tooth loss. After removing the decay of the tooth, we take measurements with the help of the CEREC system and insert the filling within one hour.

Aesthetical porcelain fillings:

  • Are especially conform to the teeth.
  • Have the same colour as the natural teeth and look very aesthetically.
  • Are extremely resistent and hardly to distinguish from the natural teeth.

Bonding of the Teeth (Adhesive Technique)

In the field of cosmetic dentistry, the bonding technique is another alternative to porcelain teeth. In this case we use composite resin instead of porcelain veneers. The bonding does not damage the teeth, its name goes back to the specific adhesive chemicals, which are used for the bonding.

Who Can Get a Bonding? 

The bonding system, which is increasingly used in cosmetic dentistry as well as in preventive dentistry, can be used for any patient, who suffers from fractured, cracked, gappy, differently coloured or sized teeth or has too many fillings.

The Bonding Treatment in Istanbul

We recommend this treatment of cosmetic dentistry our patients in Istanbul, who are looking for aesthetical, neat fillings. First of all, we measure the tooth extraction hole and prepare the composite fillings in our laboratory. We insert the fillings layer by layer and harden them with a specific light. Afterwards we put the material into shape and adjust it to the natural teeth. The bonding is not only qualified for fillings, but can also be used for other treatments of cosmetic dentistry.

After the Bonding in Istanbul

After the bonding, the colour of the composite filling can be affected by the consumption of coffee, tea or nicotine. Thus we recommend, not to neglect your daily oral hygiene and visit your dentist on a regular basis.