Full Porcelain Crowns

What Are Full Porcelain Crowns? 

Full porcelain crowns are also referred to as an artificial dental surface. We use them to replace teeth, which have been damaged, fallen out or have lost their protective function. With the use of a full porcelain crown we can bring back the tooth's original state and make it look aesthetic again. The treatment at our clinic in Turkey also ensures the stabilization and protection of the tooth.

Ceramics have been used in dental medicine for nearly 200 years and are still the most popular material, not least because of their aesthetic. The fragile foundation, which used to cause micro cracks, has meanwhile been created more solid.

Who Can Get Full Porcelain Crowns?

Patients who:

  • Have frail teeth and want to prevent them from breaking or who just want to strengthen their teeth
  • Have a big filling at one tooth, which does not have the needed support
  • Want to get a crown on a dental implant
  • Suffer from unaesthetic, broken, deformed or differently coloured teeth

Stages of the Treatment in Turkey  

At our dental clinic in Istanbul we use the CEREC-technology in order to offer our patients a treatment with full porcelain crowns. You get an accurate and highly aesthetical appearance without losing time.

  1. Scheduling: Your dentist in Istanbul examines the dental anatomy and gingival tissue at first. After determining the teeth, which are visible while smiling, and the problematic teeth, he consults you about the scheduled treatment.
  2. Preparation and CEREC-Technology: First of all, we cleanse potential tooth decay. Using the CEREC-technology, we take measurements and digitally create the full porcelain crown. Due to the latest techniques we can produce the crowns accurately and without any loss of time.
  3. Crowning: Once the full porcelain crowns are completed, we adjust them individually to your mouth. With your dentist's approval we adhere the crowns.

After the Treatment with Full Porcelain Crowns in Istanbul 

After the treatment at our clinic in Istanbul you do not feel any pain. In order to keep the full porcelain crowns as long-lasting as possible, you should take intense care of your dental and oral hygiene. We recommend you to brush your teeth twice a day and clean them by using dental floss everyday. To prevent the crowns from breaking or being damaged, you should avoid chewing  hard-shelled food in this part of your mouth. You can extend the persistence of your full porcelain crowns by visiting your dentist regularly.

For further information feel free to contact our dental clinic in Istanbul!