Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Our foreign patients looking for dental implants in Turkey have benefited from our dental implant specialist and high quality services since 2003. When you travel to our dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey for your dental implants, you will:

  • receive treatment from the highest qualified specialists 
  • be treated in a modern and hygienic clinic 
  • be provided the best dental solutions available 
  • be offered affordable prices 
  • get full assistance in every step of your travel 
  • be helped in your booking, hotel and travel 
  • gain fabulous memories of Istanbul, Turkey

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What are Dental Implants?

With an implantation we replace dental roots, which are no longer functioning, with spiral, artificial dental roots. In our in-house laboratory in Turkey we produce the suitable crowns. Your dental implant is visually and functionally indiscernible from natural, healthy teeth. 

Which implant brands do we use in our clinic in Turkey?

Our expert on implants, Dr. Yusuf Ilhan, uses dental implants from high quality European brands such as ITI Straumann (Switzerland) and Euroteknika (France).  

Who qualifies for dental implants?

Basically, all patients, who have lost teeth in the upper or lower jaw, can get dental implants. If you are healthy and do not bear the risk to get an infection or haemorrhage due to chronical illness, you can undergo a dental implantation.
Furthermore, your jaw bone should be eligible for this treatment and your bones should be fully developed. If necessary, we also build up your jaw bone in Turkey.

Stages of the Dental Implantation in Turkey 

  1. Scheduling: Ideally, you send us an x-ray picture, which our dentists can use in order to determine the quality and structure of your jaw bone and teeth. Of course, another examination takes place when you arrive in Turkey. We create a treatment plan, including the treatment costs, which we discuss before your arrival.
  2. Treatment: A local anesthesia is utterly sufficient for a dental implantation. Under abacterial conditions we begin with preparing the vents for the dental implants by using a specific dental bur. We put the implants carefully in these vents and seal the upper sides with stitches. You can prevent swellings by cooling your cheeks with ice at an interval of 10 minutes. Please be aware, that smoking defers the wound healing! After the surgery you should take the prescribed antibiotics, eat smaller meals at frequent intervals and drink lots of water. If needed, you temporarily get free artificial dentures.
  3. Healing: According to the treatment, the stitches blend over time or are removed after one week. In order to prevent the creation of bacteria, we recommend you to be mindful of your oral hygiene and use mouth washes.
  4. Recovery: After 3 to 6 month you visit our dental clinic in Turkey again. Then, the closing cap, which we attach to the dental implant, is removed and replaced by abutments. The abutments support the shaping of your gums. Afterwards, we take measurements for the dental crown, which is produced particularly for the dental implant.


Is a dental implantation painful?

A dental implantation at our dental clinic in Turkey is, equally to German clinics, a short medical treatment and is generally performed under local anesthesia without any pain. When the anaesthesia fades, every patient might feel the pain in a different way. Due to the prescribed painkillers you experience a painless recovery and get better quickly.


Is there a guarantee on dental implants?

We offer you a guarantee for 10 years on our dental implants. Should you be in pain during that time, you should contact our dental clinic in Turkey as soon as possible. Please be aware, that the guarantee is only valid, if you have:

  • complied with the general oral hygiene
  • followed the dentist's instructions after the treatment
  • been to a dental check-up and a professional tooth cleaning at least once a year
  • followed your dentist's instructions
  • cleaned your artificial dentures regularly

For how long do I have to stay at the clinic in Turkey?

  • Patients, who need more than 6 dental implants for both jaws, should schedule at least 7 days for their stay in Turkey.
  • Patients, who need dental implants for one jaw or 5 implants for both jaws, should schedule at least 2 days for their stay in Turkey.
  • Second arrival: The length of your second stay in Turkey depends on the material, which your dental crowns are made of, and the number of crowns. It can take 2 to 7 days.

Please call +90 543 862 6601 or fill in the contact form on the right of this page so we can answer all of your questions regarding dental implants in Istanbul Turkey!