Maltepe Dental Clinic Patient Rights

Our patients have the right


    • To receive dental care without discrimination of language, religion or origin. Information's about all our dental treatments and how they are executed have to be given to the patient.


    • To be informed about all advantages and medical risks of a dental treatment. All information about a dental treatment have to be given in a language which is understood by the patient.


    • To get access to their medical records. The patient may examine papers and records that contain information about his/her health condition directly or by means of a proxy or legal representative and may make a copy.


    • To know, chose and change the dentist which is responsible for the dental treatment or the clinic staff which is involved in the treatment.


    • Of privacy policy. Protection of privacy has to be given to every patient during the whole treatment phase.


    • To refuse or to ask for interjecting the dental treatment if the law or dentists responsibility of a successful treatment isn’t affected by this action.


    • To be informed in detail and clearly about the total treatment costs before and after the treatment.


    • To be treated respectfully and kindly. The dignity of every patient has to be protected.


    • To receive dental treatments in a comfortable, professional and hygienic environment.


    • To get after-treatment-service as long as it is necessary.



*Sources: World Medical Association Declaration of Lisbon 2005, Patient’s Rights in Turkey