IMPLANT (Euro Technica) 600 euro
IMPLANT ITI_(STRAUMANN) including abutment 750 euro
Ceramic crown with standard metal implant (per tooth) 210 euro
Ceramic crown with standard metal (per tooth) 170 euro
Zircon crown (per tooth) 285 euro
Ceramic crown over precious metal (85% gold) 475 euro
Laminate veneer crown with CEREC system (per tooth) 300 euro
Prosthesis (skeleton, per denture ) 550 euro
Prothesis (full, per denture) 450 euro
Prothesis (attachment, per denture) 800 euro
Temporary bridges (per denture) 150 euro
Dental fillings (light hardening) 100 euro
Root canal treatment (per canal) 100 euro
Sinus Lift 550 euro
Bleaching (per jaw) 225 euro
Dental clearance (professional) 65 euro
Extraction (only) 75 euro
Laughing-Gas-Sedation (per session) 50 euro
Panoramic RVG Digital Film FREE
Dental examination, treatment plan FREE
Extraction (included in treatment) FREE